Wednesday, September 7, 2011

September 7th

Today was my last day of class and it seems like it went by so quickly! I woke up and had my last two eggs (looks like only toast and pb tomorrow for this signorina) then went to my first class of the day which was Table and Wines of Italy, an Educational Tour Through Vineyards. Too cool. On my way home I passed through a flea market in the Piazza della San Lorenzo and ended up purchasing a cute little fedora! One with black ribbon! It is so cute. He was selling it for 20 Euro, then offered it to me for 17, and I said I only have 15 (which was honest) and so he sold it to me! Great buy! The one I wanted to get was from JCrew and was $45 which is obviously too expensive. So, not only did I get a great one for 15Euro, but now whenever anyone asks me where I got my hat from, I can smile, and say "oh a little flea market in Florence". I feel so cool. Also, I have gotten so many compliments on it today that I have practically gotten it for free! Every compliment knocks .5 Euro off the price right? Is that how it works?

After my amazing purchase, I came home and finished off my salami with a sandwich I made for lunch. Then headed off to my Italian language class which is the only class that I have twice a week. After class I went to the registrar's office to try and get signed up for a class that would transfer back to Harrington as an actual class, but was not successful. The information I was given in the first place was not correct so the course was actual never reopened after it had been closed. I was totally bummed because I walked all the way there with the thought of crossing one more class off of my Harrington list. Oh well, such is life.

I ate dinner with Courtney and walked with her to class because I had nothing else to do. After getting back home I decided wash my comforter and put my other clean clothes away. I was able to organize a few other things before Courtney called to tell me that she was done with class and was ready for some gelato! We went to our favorite place which is just around the corner from our apartment. I got nocciola (which is hazelnut) and fragola (which is a small fruit) OH MY GOSH I found my favorite flavor combination. And also possibly my favorite flavors since I have been here.
Con amore, Ciao!


  1. "Table and Wines of Italy, an Educational Tour Through Vineyards" made me chuckle. Oh the "classes" we take abroad.

  2. I think people owe you money now for that fedora