Saturday, September 3, 2011

September 3rd

Today was a good day! We were so productive that it felt amazing.

In the morning we started off with breakfast where I had a tuna sandwich that was very juicy. It was really good and I am glad that tuna is so common here because I love eating tuna fish sandwiches. We then wandered around looking at different open air markets and finally found one that was very good with prices and quality. I did a little bit of vegetable shopping so that I am able to start making sandwiches from home and also cooking my dinners. After not finding everything I was interested in, Courtney and I went to the super market and finished our shopping. Personally, I feel like the super market is less expensive. Here is the best example, at the open air market, green beans cost 8 Euro for a kg, however, in the super market, they were only 2.5 euro? It seems like it is hit and miss on what is cheaper where. I didn't get any green beans but I am hoping to start being adventurous in my cooking adventures soon! Maybe next week though.

After the super market, we were able to finish all of the shopping that we needed to do for supplies and we went back to the apartment to relax. Tomorrow, I am going to post pictures starting at the front door and have you all walk up the stairs with me. It is getting easier for me and so now it is a little funny when others come over and they have to make the climb themselves.

I was able to skype with Chris and my dad today so I feel a little bit like I connected with home. It was nice being able to skype with people.

Dinner was really, really delicious. Courtney and I decided it would be fun to do a last-night-of-spending-money-at-a-restaurant dinner so we went with our friends Melanie, Harry, Freddy, and Adrian. It was great food and good company. I had tortellini panna e prosciutto and gosh it was delicious and so worth it!

After dinner, us girls thought it would be a lot of fun to also go out dancing again as a last-night-out-before-school-starts kind of celebration. It was a fun night but the music was not the best which was very unfortunate, near the end it did get better.

Overall, it was a fun night and a good way to end the first week here! Tomorrow, I have work out, church, and lazing about! If any of you have skype, please find me! My contact name is lauren.c.moore

Con amore, Ciao!

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  1. You don't mean to say you wont be partying until 6am every night just because school started, right? I mean...that is how I lived in Spain. Hahaha. No, don't do that. Not every night. Not 6 am.