Monday, September 5, 2011

September 5th

Today was the first day of classes and it good! I was wrong about my classes when I posted yesterday, I had my Special Event Management class this morning and then my Italian language class in the afternoon. I even had a big enough break to go back to the apartment to eat my sandwich! Awesome! So SEM class was good, exactly what I expected it to be. The teacher is really nice and there is a girl who is sat next to me who was really sweet. Later, I found out she is also in my Italian class. Since this week is syllabus week, it was a pretty easy class and the teacher just went over what we are going to learn this semester.

After class I went back to the apartment to have a salami, mozzarella, and red onion sandwich which was super delish! YUM! I feel started to feel guilty about eating out because it was getting sort of expensive, but now since I am still cooking the food I bought the other day, I am very happy and not feeling guilty.

After my lunch I went to my Italian class and good Lord is that one going to be tough. I could barely understand the teacher when she was speaking in English. I understand that these are not supposed to be easy classes, but I just was hoping that the teacher would be easy to understand, you know, like they are in America. Oh well, I have had to tell myself many, many times so far that this is most definitely not America. I am going to try my hardest and spend my Thursday afternoon in the lab since I don't have class on that day. Obviously, I will be giving updates on how it goes throughout the semester.

After class I came back to the apartment and decided that I wanted to venture out by myself across the river! I took my camera and I got on my big girl confidence and did it! It was so beautiful and I got some AMAZING pictures. Make sure that you are all checking my facebook for all the pictures! I will figure out how to add them to this and maybe start putting them up!

Since it was too warm for a run this afternoon I turned that walk into my work out. There are so many hills across the river that I definitely felt it! When I got back I taught Court how to cook sausage in a fry pan while I made my dinner. Tonight I had spaghetti again but this time I put salami, red onion, red pepper, and mozzarella cheese into the sauce! SO GOOD. Next week I will start getting more adventureous with my cooking so if anyone has any good ITALIAN recipes they would like to send out please do!

After dinner, since Courtney and I are both starting to feel home sick, we decided some gelato should help solve our woes. Unfortunately, mine wasn't the best I have had. The chocolate flavor was really delicious, but the vanilla flavor I got was really watery tasting. Oh well, this wont be my last gelato :)

I skyped with mom for the first time tonight! It was so great! Since I am starting to feel really home sick, it was great to see and talk to her. Dad quite literally scooted her chair out of the way and started talking to me too, it was really funny. After skyping with them, Chris and I got to chat for a little :)

Con amore, Ciao!

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  1. Have you learned those few certain words yet... and look at you go girl, miss adventurer! You will need to check out the Florence Flea Market in the Piazza dei Ciompi and let me know if you find any cool things!