Friday, September 30, 2011

September 30th

WOW already the 30th of September? Gosh! Well I am excited to see what fall in Florence is like! I am excited to see the colors change on the near by Tuscan hills and to see the new fall fashions that the Italians will be wearing!

Today was pretty interesting! I woke up and finished doing my laundry and started working right away on my homework because I am going out of town tonight for the weekend. So I worked on completing a paper that is due on Monday and I went on a walk with a group from school to the Oltrarno district of Florence which is known as the artisan quarters which are nestled among the Renaissance palaces. We went to a leather factory, a stone factory, a jewelry factory, and to a print making shop. It was amazing. I wasn't able to take any pictures so I am super bummed about that but it was just really interesting to see the amount of skill that these people have. I think my favorite shop was the stone factory. The shop has been in the family for 10 generations and they have created tables and pieces of art work for countless royal families including the Medici family. It takes them 6 months to create a table and the one in the shop was being sold for 25,000 Euro. Ridiculous.

I came home and blogged and finished my homework while talking with Chris and Jes.

Ok so where I am going....
Last Sunday I went to a mass at the church that is a block away from my apartment because I was running late from our run. I sat in mass doing my rosary and after a woman came up to me and said in broken english "I am in charge of the youth here, would you like to go to a retreat this weekend?" I agreed and we exchanged information. This entire week I have been having a struggle with whether or not I was going to go and I had been praying very hard about it and trying to hear what I should do. I feel that God is telling me to go because I will regret it if I do not take advantage of this opportunity. It is something that is WAY out of my comfort zone but I feel He will be there with me telling me that I am ok. There will be a few English speaking people there and so she said I will be able to be with them. I am very excited and this is an adventure that I am sure I will not forget. I have my rosary with me for security so in case I am completely alone, at least I will be able to spend the weekend doing the rosary! Wish me luck, and more importantly pray for me!

I will tell you how it goes on Sunday night when I return!

Con amore, Ciao!


  1. I think the advice from the well-known (not notorious) D.A.D also helped in the decision process ;)