Tuesday, September 6, 2011

September 6th

First and most importantly, I have an address!!!!! It is:
Lauren Moore
c/o FUA-Florence
University of the Arts
Via Magliabechi, 1

I know no one would, but please don't send any packages. I have to pay at least 300 Euro to receive a package and it takes at lease 2 months to go through customs. However, letters take only a week so please send as many as your hearts may desire!

So today was a rather emotional day mostly because of classes. I am moved into an independent study class due to lack of enrollment. I am not even sure if my teacher is teaching me the correct program or not either. I will find out though once my teacher from Harrington emails me back. It was just scary to think that I could have gone through all the trouble of coming here, and then having the one class that I truly needed not even be taught to me correctly. Hopefully it will all work out though, but I will find out soon enough.

I came home after that class and took an amazing power nap because I am starting to feel sick. Mostly, I think it is because of the lack of sleep the first week and also being home sick doesn't help me much either.

Then I went to my Sustainable Project Design class which is going to be AMAZING! We are designing a school house for some culture of our choice and making it sustainable. The only requirement is that the structure is made from a metal shipping crate. How cool is that? So cool. That is the correct answer. Oh, and get this, for our final project, we are getting to redesign an existing 1200 sq foot 1500 year old farm house in the south of Tuscany. Which of course we must go do an on site verification for. :)

After class I came home and did an intense workout which felt awesome! Then I made dinner, a repeat of last night, but it is so good that I am still not tired of it yet! Next week I think I am going to go for a more Italian dish with olives, cheese, cherry tomatoes, and a few other things. They had it in the deli at the supermarket and it looks super delicious.

Following dinner, I went to a meeting for a program that my school offers to be placed with a local family. From what I understood from the meeting it is a bartering system. For example, I babysit and they teach me how to cook. Sounds good to me so far! I will be filling out the application and finding out soon to see if I am one of the few chosen who get to participate.

I finished the night with popcorn! SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO GOOD. It had been too long since I have made it and omg it reminds me of home and mom  :) Oh, and my first little batch of homework, which I didn't mind doing at all. Also, I got to skype with Chris and his amaaaazing coworker, David Cox, owner of Flo-tography. David also helps me get a hold of Chris when Chris is refusing to get on Facebook :)

How was that for a shout out, David?

Con amore, Ciao!


  1. YA! finally the address. it all sounds so exciting. I am very jealous of your classes and the time to nap. You are just living the life over there

  2. no mention of Majid, probably for the best, if you gave him any light of day he would be emailing you right now for some random request... MAJID!!!