Monday, September 19, 2011

September 19th

This morning was a good one! I was able to sleep in a little bit which was very nice because I went to bed so late last night. I started my laundry early this morning and made sure I was able to get it all out and on the drying racks before I had to go to class. I had a leisurely morning eating breakfast and working on some homework. I went grocery shopping and got some food for the week. The supermarket I go to was out of sandwich meat so I will have to go back either tomorrow or Wednesday if I plan on having sandwiches. Instead of getting a big container of yogurt (johgurt), I decided to try different flavors of their little containers. It is important for me to start trying new things and to get adventurous with my food because I know if I don’t, that I will regret it. I got a café flavored johgurt and let me tell you, I am going to stock up on that flavor next week. It was the one I was most hesitant about but it is seriously SO delicious. I wish I had gotten more than one of that flavor.

This week Courtney and I will be making sausage with bell peppers and eggplant. We are both very tired of carbs so we are going to try to stick with as many veggies as possible. For dinner I packed a salad that I bought which has corn, green and black olives, tomatoes, and I cut up a whole yellow bell pepper to put in it, I am very excited.

I headed off to my lighting class a little late because I was too busy enjoying my johgurt to realize what time it was. I got there on time, however, which was a very good thing considering that this is the first time I have actually gone to this class. I transferred in so I missed the first week, they went on a field trip and the teacher didn’t email me for the second week, and so this being the third week, I was very happy to be able to attend. This class is going to be tough and is going to require me studying a lot. From my understanding, we will be having papers to write instead of tests, but the papers are pretty intense and this is definitely a class that will be important for me to understand because it deals so much with design and how lighting and your choice of lighting affect your designs. Our midterm is creating a new light fixture and building it in cad so I am excited about that. I already have a few sketches and ideas of what I want it to look like. It involves mirrors and glass bulbs; that is all I know for certain right now, but I will try to give updates as my design progresses. 

In my sustainable design class I am doing a report on the architect Zaha Hadid. She is such an inspirational woman and really inspires me. She was the first female recipient of the Pritzker Architecture Prize which is basically the Nobel Peace Prize of the architecture world. That is pretty awesome. In what seems like so much of a man’s world in architecture, it is great to see that a woman is able to compete with the boys and beat them. Yes, Dad I know, who is this and what has she done with your daughter. Seriously though, the more research that I do on this woman, the more she makes me want to do amazing things. The internet kept going in and out on the computers so it made for doing the research for the assignment very difficult. I got a lot of it done but I still have a little ways to go on the presentation. It is a good thing that it isn’t due until October 17th. I am almost finished with it, I finished her biography and now I just need to insert some photographs of her work and describe each one which will be easy enough. I will be able to finish it this weekend because the plan is to have a very relaxing, homework filled weekend for Courtney and I. Ellen and Miriam are going off to Paris to celebrate their birthdays, that sounds so wonderful. I personally, would still take my 21st birthday party over going to Paris. My parents threw me my party and my dad played bartender while my mother served the hors d'œuvre. Best. Birthday. Ever. It was amazing and I had so much fun celebrating with my friends and family. However, I can see how Paris could compete with that…sort of! 

I got out of class early because the internet kept crapping out at school so we weren’t able to do any further research on our projects. I came home and put away my laundry and skyped with dad a little bit which is always a great time. I am thankful that he knows how to do that and I also set up a date with my mom for Saturday, it is so exciting. I ended the night with blogging out a few novels! I hope you enjoyed! 

Con amore, Ciao!

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  1. Paris for a birthday?? psshh... I would take your 21st party any day. who needs the eiffel tower with its sparkling lights at midnight...but seriously your 21st was a great party!