Sunday, September 11, 2011

September 11th

Well, it is hard to believe that it was ten years ago that the greatest American tradgey happened. I can remember sitting in my drama teacher's classroom and not understanding what was happening. My friend posted on her facebook one of the most profound things today. In her status she said, "I didn't understand it then, but I will never forget." Thinking back on it, being in 6th grade, I had absolutely no idea what was happening, what it meant, and how many lives would be lost over the next ten years of my life. There have been countless lives that have been lost and affect from what happened on that day and they will forever be remembered.

Well, I guess there is no real transition that I can easily make, but I thought that it was at least important to express the feelings I have about this day.

I woke up this morning and went to the Santa Croce mass at 11. I brought my rosary with me and said it during the mass because I figured that if I couldn't understand what they were saying, doing the rosary was better than starring off into space and thinking about other things than the mass. After mass, I came back and had a salami and prosciutto sandwich with some tomatoes on it! Delicious!

I spent most of my day responding to emails and catching up on different computer work that I had to do and getting ready for this week. After catching up on that, I took a quick nap then went for a great run. It felt great to run and it wasn't too hot out so it was nice. I am not saying it was perfect weather, but it wasn't as bad as it could have been. I ran 3.66 and it felt amazing. I really need to start running further distances again. I love running anything up to around six or seven but then after that it is just annoying and I want to just finish, it no longer is enjoyable.

After my run, we had chicken soup revisited! Even better the second day because all of the flavors were able to mix and soak up the other flavors. I can't wait to decide what we will make next week! This time, though, we are doing something Italian. I mean, after all, we are IN Italy.

Tomorrow I will be able to update everyone, including myself, on what is going on with my classes and have a final schedule. I am excited and I hope I am able to get everything that I want, that would be wonderful.

I ended the day with a skype with Chris, it was a wonderful.

Con amore, Ciao!


  1. we are actually seeing eachother more now than when you were on the same continent!

  2. haha I know and I love seeing you so often!