Sunday, September 4, 2011

September 4th

Today was a very boring day. Courtney and I started out for a run which was great! I did a run and my 100s work out which was a lot harder than I remembered it being! We finished the run and I showered then went to the Basilica di Santa Croce for mass. I thought it was going to be in English because that is what the sign said, but unfortunately, it was totally in Italian. At least I knew what was going on! Oh well! Next week I am going to try out the Duomo mass on Saturday evening because that one for sure is in English.

After mass I came home and had some lunch and took a nap! I was so excited for my nap because I have been running off of so little sleep for the past three days. It was nice to be able to catch up on a little bit of it.

I woke up and we went to look around the city to try and find out where our classes are. During our journey, we were caught in a rain storm. While in the rain storm we ducked under an awning and had a great conversation with a couple from England. People here, Italian or foreign, are so nice. They are always willing to chat or to help with the pronunciation of different words. We did a pretty good job of going the right direction and shockingly, we were able to find the buildings we needed to.

After finding our buildings we came back to the apartment and I took another nap. I sound so lazy! However, in my defense, I have been adjusting to a new time zone. I skyped with my sister Jessica after my nap. It was so good talking with her and to see her. After the skyping I made my first dinner! I made spaghetti and sauce. The sauce was just a regular tomato base and I added in fresh red pepper, red onion, and mozzarella cheese from the open air market. It was so good! I do need to get some more basic things like seasonings and such. I was nervous with food shopping this week though because it was the first week and I was not sure how much things would cost or how quickly they would add up. I did great though! Only 15 euro for 5 days worth of food. Not to shabby Gabby!

Well, tomorrow I start school! I am so excited! I have two classes, my 3d autocad and my Italian language class. I am both excited and nervous! It will be a great first day.

Also, today homesickness kicked in. I listened to songs that reminded me of people (obviously this was a good idea, not). Skyping with my sister did help though because I was able to see and hear a familiar voice from home. I am missing my mom and dad a lot too, church this morning was lonely. I get to skype with mom tomorrow so I am VERY excited for that!

Alright! Better get going to bed, I have a very big day tomorrow!

Con amore, Ciao!

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  1. Im glad to hear you are trying your best to speak italian with everyone! Keep at it!