Friday, September 23, 2011

September 22nd

Gosh guys, I am sorry that I am really starting to drop the ball on these posts. I am funny, only a day late and I feel like I am failing everyone. Well in my defense I think I bombarded everyone with the novels yesterday so I wanted to give your eyes a break, doing you a favor, really. Ok avanti!

So yesterday was a pretty eventful day and probably the best day EVER! I got a lot of things done in the morning that I needed to do. I was able to organize my desk table, respond to a lot of emails (I feel like I am always emailing or blogging), washed our bed sheets, swept, and get a lot of homework done before my class at 3. I do enjoy having a class later in the day because it makes me concentrate on different little tasks that I want to get done during my day, it is like a nice little deadline. 

I went to my Italian class which went really well! I got almost all of my homework correct and I was thrilled. We reviewed for our first quiz which is next Tuesday, yikes, and did some more learning of vocabulary.

After class I went for a super quick run, and by quick I mean I was speedy Gonzales. I ran 2 miles in 17 minutes. Ok, I know that is slow, (that was a comment towards you, Rebekah) but for me, that was ridiculously quick. Granted I felt really nauseous and light headed after, but that isn't the point, is it?

I came home and got the best news ever, but I can't say what it is just yet, that will be revealed next week or after I receive permission. I skyped for a bit with Kelly which was great because we haven't been able to since last week. I miss seeing her face and texting her almost as much as I text Chris. Courtney and I made the same dinner again, but this time instead of sausage, we used gouda cheese which was almost as good as the sausage. The sausage gave it a little bit of spice and I really liked that, but the cheese made it super gooey!

After dinner I did more cleaning up around the apartment and skyped with Jessica for a little bit. Courtney and I got ready to go out and we had an amazing time dancing. In short, it will be hard to top last night.


  1. I can't wait to find out what the great news is!!! ;)

  2. Man, leaving us with a cliffhanger? Good blogging technique :)