Wednesday, September 28, 2011

September 27th and 28th

Well, my faithful readers, it has been called to my attention, as I too have started to realize, that I may be spending too much time at my computer. This is something I started to realize over the weekend but a dear friend pointed it out to me last night. I have been using my computer a lot and I know that it has been putting a dent in the time that I could be out exploring the city. I have used it as a tool to be still attached to home and use it as my way to fee like I am still there in America. Well news flash, Lauren, you are not in America and you did not go through the amount of trouble you did just to feel like you are in America. So! I am taking this time to let you know that I might not be doing my nightly blog posts anymore. I think that instead of me posting every single little detail about my day, maybe I should just simply say what the highlight of my day was or if I did something new or, obviously, what I made for dinner. So, I am sorry if I am MIA for a day, but I am going to take some great advice, and find what he termed as my "la dolce vita" (just kidding, Dad, it is a metaphor, don't worry)

So today I have done well with not being attached to the computer and I can tell a little bit about my last two days and what the highlights were. Yesterday I had my first Italian quiz which I think went really well! I studied for it, and I hope it payed off. For dinner I had more of my spaghetti dish from Sunday and that will actually last me until this weekend! Courtney and I had a great bonding night over gossip girl, so addicting and I am going to limit myself to only one episode when I am in the mood to watch it.

Today I had my wine class and we were able to taste both table grapes and wine grapes. Table grapes we are all used to and wine grapes have a thick skin with only a little bit of pulp. My wine class is one of my favorites because it is just so dang interesting! I am learning so much about wine and it is great. For our final project I have to write a paper about my favorite type of wine that I have tried here so far, I am obviously choosing the gewurztraminer, which of course will require at least a bottle or two of research.

I went to la statzione and bought my bigletto dell'treno to Milan! I am going next weekend to visit Catie! Our itinerary is playing in Milan on Friday then going to Lugano Friday through Sunday! I can't wait and it feels like a dream that we are doing this. Oh, who started out her conversation in Italian? This girl. I then went to the post office to purchase my stamps for the post cards I bought. Who started out her conversation in Italian? This girl. The stamps were SO expensive. I spent the rest of the afternoon and early evening wandering around and then going to buy toilet paper. I also went into the Piazza della Signornia to read some of my book. Overall, a great two days.

I don't know exactly when my next post will be because I am still on my quest, but I do know it will be before the end of the week. Maybe I will try to do an every other day post.

Till then...

Con amore, Ciao!


  1. I think the advice given may have not been directed at the blog lauren, I cant imagine that taking too much time out of your day. I think it was more directed at your time spent on facebook (commenting on photos from 3 years ago) and even staring at me as I work (though I do enjoy it haha). The blog is something that will remind you forever about this time there in Florence, you can always stare at me/facebook when you get home. So to add value to your blog and memories, step away from the computer when you arent doing homework. See you in 3 weeks! :)

  2. baha I know! I have done much thinking and I decided that I am going to reduce the facebook, but not the blog. Does you saying "see you in 3 weeks" mean we can't skype anymore? haha