Tuesday, September 13, 2011

September 13th

Alright. First I need to share something that is going to make me seem like a crazy lady. Last night was the third time this has happened since arriving in Italy. You all know the phase of sleep when you are starting to drift off, but aren't actually there yet? Well, I keep opening my eyes in that part and seeing neon green spiders spinning webs above my head. It freaks me out enough to wake me up and try to figure out what is going on, but last night, the spiders started to crawl down and come onto me. I yelled and turned on the light, obviously startling Courtney, and I just don't understand what this means? Liz, any ideas? Maybe ask Katherine, this seems up her ally.

Other than my crazy moment, I slept really well! I woke up and had my parfait for breakfast. I went to my autocad class and met with my teacher. This class is an independent study so I am the only student in the class. The teacher is there for an hour and we discuss what is going on then she leaves and I am by myself to work on whatever she has assigned. Today we decided that we are going to concentrate on Revit and just work on that for the rest of the semester so that I will be able to become a master at it! I am ok with this because she said that this is the more difficult of them to learn and that it will be really beneficial to me if we design the course to be this way. I was able to go home early because I had my projects on my home computer, not in my email.

Once home, I cleaned up a bit, had some lunch, and watched some Gossip Girl. One of my roommates brought season one with her.

I went to my Italian class and unfortunately, this is one of the ones that had to be switched. I really liked my original teacher but because my schedule changed, I was assigned to a different class. This teacher is impossible to understand and teaches right out of the workbook that is in Italian. Not one word is in English. Oh well, thank goodness they have tutors!

I came home and worked out and soon after I was able to skype with my mom, dad, sister, and uncle! It was so wonderful! I miss them so much. Today I was feeling very home sick so it was nice to see them. I had soup and salad for dinner then did homework and responded to emails.

Then looked at Chris through skype :) long story that doesnt need explaining

Con amore, Ciao!


  1. I'll see if Katherine knows anything about neon spiders, but in the meantime, assume it has something to do with getting accustomed to a new place. :) Sorry homesickness is kicking in. Just remember to cherish all those moments because you don't know when you'll get back over there! Home loves and misses you too!

  2. these "tutors" better be girls.... *shaking my fist*

  3. Thanks Liz! Maybe I just needed to vocalize my crazy because since I wrote this, those pesky critters have been staying away!

    And Chris, if it is possible, I will only go to the female tutors haha