Monday, September 12, 2011

September 12th

Today was a great day! I found out my final class schedule and I couldn't be happier! I got everything that I wanted.

Unfortunately though, I had to start out my  morning as though I still had class at nine, knowing that I might not. So I got up at 7 and had my parfait for breakfast, which was so good, I had vanilla yogurt, granola, strawbs and bloobs, and some juice on the side. Great breakfast. I walked to school and picked up my finalized schedule. I have three classes that will now transfer over as real classes to Harrington! How great! That makes me being here even more financially reasonable. I will have to take five in the spring, three in the summer, four in the fall, and three in the spring! Then, I am done, done, done! AHHH I am so excited! Unfortunately, the way my school is designed, I cant combine the and make it so I would graduate in the winter, I have to wait until spring. Oh well, I am ok with that though because it wont be a full course load.

My new schedule is:
Monday: 12 to 8:30
Tuesday: 9 to 4:15
Wednesday: 9 to 11:30
Thursday: 3 to 4:15

I am not used to going to school four days a week, but I am sure I wont have a problem with the adjustment. I went back to the apartment and made my lunch and dinner to bring with me. Dinner was a tuna salad with apples and tomatoes with oil and vinegar dressing.

I went to class thinking that, well, there would actually be a class, but they were on a field trip and the teacher never emailed me. He left a note at the front desk that I have an excused absence for today and that he looks forward to meeting me. Wow. He couldn't have just emailed? Oh well, I hope this isn't a preview for the semester!

I talked with a friend for a little while that I ran into at the building and waited for my next class to start. Unfortunately, my sustainable class was one of the ones that had to be switched. So instead of redesigning an old farm house in Chianti, I am going to be redesigning the old train station of Florence. I am a little bummed because there is no on site inspection needed, but at least I will have one of the classes crossed off my list from my Harrington!

So once class ended, finally, I was able to go meet Courtney for some gelato! We tried a new place that was highly recommended by our roommates and I also tried two new flavors. Amarena, which is a cherry flavor, and cioccolato al latte, which is chocolate with espresso in it. Both were very good and a great combination. The cioccolato was better than the amarena, but both were delicious.

Ended the night with a skype with Chris. I am very thankful we have been able to skype and have communication as much as we have, I feel very blessed.

Con amore, Ciao!


  1. Love the Gretchen call-out with the strawbs and bloobs. I will make sure she knows.

  2. It is quite catchy and so much easier than saying strawberries and blueberries