Friday, September 23, 2011

September 23rd

Pretty sub-par day filled with miscellaneous tasks (again, I feel like I do that a lot). I started the day with breakfast of "cocoa puffs", coffee, and joghurt! Frutti di bosco was the flavor of the day and I have decided that of this brand, the fruit flavors aren't very good. So I think for when I get them again, I will stick to the cafe flavor because that was the most delicious out of the five flavors that I got this past week.

After breakfast I got my load of clothes into the washer and got ready to go to the gym with Courtney. She wanted me to do her ab workout with her and so I decided I would go! Why not? So, in conclusion, there is a reason why she has a six pack. I tried to keep up with her but needless to say, she left me in the dust! I did a little work on the treadmill on some super high incline and then we headed to off to lunch. Courtney got some meal vouchers at the school's restaurant and she has been trying to use them up. It is so much cheaper for us to cook than her to buy more vouchers and so we are using them up. I got a spicy salami, eggplant, and some sort of cheese panini and it was so delicious.

We went to the supermarket after lunch so Courtney could get some milk for her cereal tomorrow morning. It was a quick trip and we are going again tomorrow for everything and for an assignment for Italian class. I am making my first dish out of my cookbook and I am so excited! It sounds like it is some sort of spaghetti with bacon and I don't see anything being wrong with that!

Finished putting my laundry on the clothes line and I started doing my homework. I have so much homework for this weekend and turns out, vacation is over. I think I might have said that before, but now it is very official. After an afternoon of homework we had some dinner, which for me, it was leftovers. It was mushy rice with veggies from our last concoction, needless to say, it was not good as a left over.

We finished the night with a few episodes of Gossip Girl and some blogging. I am very excited for shopping tomorrow at the open air market because our teacher is sending us to the "cheapest" open air market to price shop. This will be good for me because it is going on an adventure to do something that I have been wanting to do. I have been wanting to price compare for a little while now but haven't had, or taken, the opportunity yet. This is an assignment and I am getting graded to do something that I have been wanted to do. Score Lauren!

Con amore, Ciao!


  1. Personally, I cap my nights off with some Dawson's Creek, but thats just me...

  2. Stick with the Gossip Girl while you are out there.