Saturday, September 3, 2011

September 2nd

We started off the day with breakfast which was DELICIOUS! I had an egg, ham, and spinach sandwich with a cup of fruit. The fruit was so fresh and sweet that I wish it were a never ending fruit cup.

After breakfast we were sent on another wild goose chase by the locals to try and find a copy shop. We needed to have a copy submitted of a form we had which none of us knew about. Once we found the copy shop we were able to head towards orientation. Orientation was pretty boring but the women who are running this program are so funny that it is worth while to listen to them. The orientation was all just normal things about what services the school offers and other things like that.

After that, a few of us wandered around a little bit looking at the city and just discovering new things. We came back to the apartment and waited until it was time to go to the reception. We had dinner there and it was really good. I am definitely getting my servings of carbohydrates here and my goodness, i love it! However, I have discovered one thing that I do not enjoy about Italy, the grapes have seeds and the olives have pits.... this is not something that is good to have as a surprise!

Once we ascended our 14 flights of stairs, we were able to start getting ready to head out to the disco! It was definitely fun getting ready. I love getting ready to go out. Sometimes, I love it even more than the actually going out part!

We went to the apartment that the boys live in because we were all curious as to what it looked like. Their apartment is very large with what seems like 30 foot ceilings. Ok, obviously they are not that high, but they sure seem like it! We waited there while the boys got ready and then headed out to the disco!

It was a lot of fun dancing and just being silly with everyone. Courtney is so much fun to dance with and she is a really good time. The only difference between Italian discos and American clubs is that the Italians seem to love Shakira, I heard about 5 Shakira songs in 3 hours! It is great because she is easy to dance to and has just fun songs in general. I had my first malibu and pineapple drink and I have decided that it is my new favorite drink! SO good! After dancing our little booties off we walked home and had another great surprise.

Chris and I had our first skype date :)

Con Amore, Ciao!

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