Monday, September 26, 2011

September 26th

Today I woke up and had some cocoa puffs for breakfast and decided that I am just going to eat them until I get sick of them! It was only 1.19 Euro for the bag and it has lasted me OVER a week and I am still not done with them! That is pretty awesome! I swept and mopped the floors because the housing people were coming over today to inspect our apartment and I wanted the floors to look extra shiny!

After they came over I packed my lunch for school and got ready to go to my lighting class. We learned about a lighting company that is local to Italy and they are very environmentally minded. I had him look over my chandelier design and he loved it! I will start constructing it this weekend while Courtney gallivants off to France. Whatever.

After lighting class I had my sustainable design class and my group finally decided what jobs we are going to accomplish. Our midterm project is to take an existing train station and turn it into a conference center. My job is to select the furniture and create the floor plan. It will be interesting trying to find different Italian companies, I am so used to my Herman Miller and Steelcase that it will be weird selecting someone else. I had the rest of the left over salad from last night for dinner and oh was it good. The only thing I would change would be to add more fresh bread, it was saugy from being in the fridge with the oil and vinegar. That is actually what the recipe called for, but I am a crunchy girl. During break from class I went and got some gelato. HOLY MOLY. The best flavors I have had yet. I tried a new place which is right next to my school building (which could be bad) and I got the woman at the counter's two favorites; nocciola (hazelnut) and santa corce (a specialty of the shop which is a cream base with chocolate drizzle and raspberry jam swirled in). I sat in the Piazza Santa Croce and enjoyed my santa croce gelato, needless to say, a ritual has been born of Monday night gelato.

I came home and studied for my first Italian quiz. I skyped with both Chris and Jes and I got great news of Jes having an interview tomorrow! Great job Yessi! Knock em dead!

Con amore, Ciao!

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  1. I definitely read "lifting class" instead of lighting class. Hahahaha. Oh dear.