Thursday, September 22, 2011

September 21st

I woke up and had the cocoa puffs again and this time they were better than the day before! I think that because I was expecting them to taste like American cocoa puffs I was disappointed, but truth is, they aren't too bad! I had pineapple joghurt and that was delicious as well! I am on a roll with this whole joghurt flavor picking business!

In wine class we learned about the north east region of Italy and their different types of wine. It is very interesting how different types of wine are produced and how different regions handle their wines. Interesting fact! A sauvignon blanc is of the best quality when it smells like cat pee. I think I will stick with my barefoot wine and go with not the best quality. Personally, I love barefoot. It will forever now remind me of South Carolina and the amazing memories I have from visiting the Marshalls.

After class, I went to the opposite end of Florence to the oldest train station they have called the Leopolda Station. It was abandoned for many years and is just now starting to be used again as a place to be rented out for fashion shows, parties, and concerts. We are "renovating" a private portion of the station for a project in my Sustainable Design class and it is AWESOME! The interior was gorgeous and I really wish I had my camera with me to take pictures.

After my visit there, I went to a nearby supermarket to get things for lunches because I still had not had the chance to go to get lunch meat and bread. After realizing that I spent too much money on my lunch meat, I was distracted and not remembering where I was walking. I got very lost. I had a map with me that was supplied by my sustainable teacher so we would be able to find the station, but the street names were blurry and I couldn't read anything. I started freaking out and it hit me that I had no idea where I was and I was in an area of town that spoke almost no English. I had a little break down but then I realized that that was not being at all productive or helpful so I went towards the sun and towards the direction where I knew the river was. I knew that as long as I found the river that I would be able to find my way home. I finally found the river and let me tell you, after about a half hour of walking along the river, I have never been more excited to see the Ponte Vecchio in my life. First time of getting lost in Florence? Check.

I made it home and had my first cup of coffee! I bought some at the super market for 79 cents and it was so good! I used my Moka for the first time and I spilled the first cup I made, but when I made it the second time, it was amazing! I had lunch of cheese, cherry tomatoes, peach, and my coffee. I know that sounds not good together, but it was delicious. I did some homework and emails before I started getting ready to head to the Fiorentina futbol game!

I went to the game with Freddy, Adrian, Conner, and David. Courtney was going to go but realized she had class right before we bought the tickets so she wasn't able to join so it was just me and the boys. I went to their apartment and then we went to get kebobs for dinner. The kebobs were SO good and I can't wait for my next one! It was 3.5 Euro for one and a drink. They are so filling and SO delicious. I can't even describe how good it was.

We went to the game and it was so much fun! Fiorentina played Parma and it was a great game! A very boring first half but in the second half Fiorentina scored three times and we won 3-0. Great game! I am excited for my next one which will hopefully be when Chris comes to visit but we aren't sure yet about what time his plane will land so we might be cutting it close on if we are able to go or not. We will find out soon enough though and obviously I will fill you all in. After the game, the boys walked me home which I was not expecting them to do. Not that they aren't nice guys by any means, but sometimes boys these days don't think of things like walking a girl home in the dark or opening the door for her. It is nice to know that I have made such nice friends and I am very thankful.

Con amore, Ciao!


  1. I expect you to be a huge soccer fan by the time you come back. The Euro Cup will be next summer and I need you to be able to stand watching 90 minutes of passing with me!

  2. You got lost?! oh goodness. Well I know you've got some streetcred back home and am happy you made it back safely