Monday, October 10, 2011

October 6th

Great morning because I was able to sleep in and try and make myself healthy. I had breakfast of yogurt and coffee. The yogurt is one that Courtney gave me because she didn't like the flavor. It was kiwi with fiber. And by fiber it meant that it had chunks of something that was really, really weird. The yogurt itself was good tasting, but it was hard for me to get over the texture. I started my laundry, as is my Thursday ritual, and cleaned up the room a little bit. I left and went shopping for paper towels, toilet paper, and a few other items that the apartment needed. I came back and started my Italian homework and had some lunch.

Italian class was good, but very boring. We are actually starting to learn verbs so that is really cool because it will allow me to be able to speak Italian better. Right now it is difficult because all we have really learned is adjectives which makes speaking very minimal. I have done well so far because Mrs. Marshall gave me some Italian on my ipod which has helped a lot. I am excited to learn new things in the class and I actually kind of enjoy it.

After class, I came home and skyped with Danae and Kelly. It is so nice talking with them and it was really great catching up. Dinner was still the same, but it is still delicious and I am not tired of it! After dinner I made note cards of recent vocab and started studying for my midterm for Italian which is not until the 19th. I figured I need to start studying for it though because it is always better to be over prepared than under prepared. I still cant believe midterms are so close. Time is flying by.

I finished the night with homework, packing for the weekend, and watching Gossip Girl with Courtney.


  1. I am assuming you wont have any homework while im in town right??

  2. nope! everything is going to be finished the thursday before you arrive :)