Friday, October 14, 2011

October 13th

I woke up and started my day like a normal Thursday with laundry and breakfast. I had some homework left to do before my appointment with my mom at two so I decided to go to the Piazza Signorina and finish my homework. It was wonderful. I listened to the guitar player and it was so romantic. I talked with a few local Italians who asked what I was doing and it was very nice. The Italians are so friendly and I really enjoy when they come and talk with me. It helps that I am on the outgoing side and sometimes start to talk to them. They can tell right away that I dont speak Italian so they are patient with me when I am trying to converse.

I came back and the very last of my chicken dish for lunch. I stretched that meal out way too long and so I am glad to say that it was the last of it. I skyped with my mom and tried to figure out my final tuition payments for this semester but was unsuccessful. For some reason, the system wasn't accepting out routing number and kept telling me that the information was invalid. I was a little nervous but it was ok because we had until this Saturday to make the payment.

For Italian class, we went on a field trip to a bakery to order bagels. It turns out it was closed so we went to a famous gelato shop here in town that I have never been to before. It was SO good. I got cheesecake and coffee crunch and I seriously wanted to get seconds. The cheesecake gave some competition to the flavor from Lugano and so I am very excited to have found a local place. One of the best parts? The gelataria is only two blocks away from my apartment. I also got coffee crunch which was delicious and I think I might get some again tomorrow. Maybe try a different flavor, but definitely go to the same place. Perché no? Funny, because that is the name of the gelataria.

I skyped with Danae for a little bit and then went to the Piazza to listen again to the guitar players while I read and did homework. While I was there, I met the sweetest old man. We talked for about a half an hour about his life and all of the different things he has done. He was very, very interesting and sweet.

After reading and chatting, I went to dinner with my roommates to a chinese food restaurant. It was SO good and as good as chinese food in the states. I loved it. My dish was basically lo mein with seafood and it wasn't oily or anything, just perfect and hit my craving. Also, the fact that it was 7 euro doesn't hurt either.

We came back to the apartment and I finished my first paper that is due on Monday. I still have a few things more to do for Monday's midterms, but I will be productive this weekend and make sure to get everything done on time!

Chianti tomorrow!

Con amore, Ciao!


  1. A field trip to a bakery to order bagels? sounds like my field trips in SC where we went to a BBQ buffet...

  2. haha Chris!
    Stop talking about gelato! Every time I read how good it is I think I should get up and get some (it's kind of hard to find gelato shops in the Des Plaines area).
    I would love to study/read there!