Friday, October 14, 2011

October 12th

Woke up and I figured that there had to be something I could do to my yogurt and cornflakes better so I reached into the fridge and pulled out the strawberry jelly and it was as though angels started singing. It is delicious and I am proud of myself for thinking of it.

I went to wine class and we reviewed for the midterm that is next week and learned a little bit about the wines of Southern Italy. I came home and had a nap because I was in need of one after class. I woke up and had some lunch of my chicken dish, almost done with it, and did some home work.

Last night I got an email from the school asking me to come and represent the School of Interior Design that is here at FUA. They are teaming up with University of South Florida and wanted to have a student representative for each of the schools at FUA. The department head for the ID, Architecture, and Environmental Studies thought I would make a great candiate and I was so honored. So I went to the meeting and all it was was me introducing myself and saying where I was from, but my resume doesn't have to say that , does it? Just kidding.

I came home and had dinner while skyping my dad who was eating brunch. The time difference is still something that I am not used to yet, maybe give me one more week? Probably not. I finished the evening reading and doing some homework. Later in the evening, Miriam and Ellen opened a bottle of wine and asked us to share so we did. It was a great bonding experience and us girls get along really great. I don't think I could have been asked for better debutant roommates. Yeah, they were debutantes, and how cool do I think that is? Very.

Con amore, Ciao!

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  1. Still think you girls should be the Golden Girls for Halloween...Just sayin...