Thursday, October 13, 2011

October 11th

I woke up early because I wanted to make sure to get a lot of homework done before my revit class. I had some coffee and worked for a long time on my revit project. I had literally no food left in the apartment so I race to the grocery store and picked up a few items that would get me through the rest of the week because I still had my chicken dish left over from the previous week.

I raced home and put my groceries away and went to a little sandwich shop on the way to class. I got a little panino that had goat cheese, prosciutto, and arugula. OH! It was so good. It was very inexpensive too so I plan on going back many, many more times. I will try different thing on the menu, but hopefully they will all be just as good as the first. 

Revit class was very helpful and we got a lot done. It is really nice that we are progressing so far into the program because it is really calming a lot of my nerves from what I felt before. I came home after class and had some yogurt with my cornflakes. I used the yogurt as milk and because it was PLAIN yogurt and PLAIN cornflakes, it tasted SO nasty. I will have to try something else to make this more delicious, there has to be something, right?

I had my Italian class and it went well, nothing exciting happened, but it wasn't horrible. My teacher is really nice but she is just very difficult to understand. She is very sweet though so I want to have patients, it is just very difficult sometimes. I came home and had my dinner and skyped with dad before starting on some homework.  I wanted to make sure I did enough homework before heading to my friend's house.

Pauline is a French girl who I met at the weekend retreat that I went on who is studying in Florence. She invited me and another girl over to her apartment for dinner and desert so I brought some of the chocolates that I had gotten from Catie this past weekend in Switzerland. Mathilde, the other girl who was also from the retreat, was supposed to come but I had to leave before I ended up seeing her. They are both very sweet girls and we are going to get together again after midterms and fall break.

After Pauline's, I came home and did some homework before reading and heading to bed. Great day and I am excited to get together with them again.

Con amore, Ciao!


  1. You can add jam to your yogurt and cornflakes. That will help it out!

  2. haha wait until my next post! your girlfriend is one smart cookie!