Thursday, October 13, 2011

October 10th

This morning it was super hard to wake up. I hit snooze a lot and Rhonda (the name I gave my alarm clock) was not happy with me by the time I finally woke up. I started the day with coffee in bed and reading. I really love that, I can see why Rebekah always starts her day that way with coffee and her blogs. I got ready for class and then headed off.

We were allowed to spend the entire class on our projects and I was able to finish up my portion of the project. While I was at school Freddy invited me over to their house to watch some Jersey Shore after I got out of class. Ok, confession time. Sometimes I enjoy watching it. It is a mindless, brainless, stupid show, but it is something I can just sit there and let my brain let go while I watch it. He cam and picked me up from the apartment after class and we got gelato from a little famous place called Groms. They have "all natural organic" gelato and it was pretty good. I got pear and caramel which had little bits of both pear in the pear and caramel in the caramel. I love when they put little surprises like that in there.

Unfortunately, it was a particularly dumb episode, even for Jersey Shore. Freddy walked me home and I spent the rest of the night doing homework and preparing for my midterms before heading to bed. Let's just say that I need to be productive this week. A lot of time will be devoted to finishing touches, but in my opinion, those are the most important. There is hair on the top of the statue of liberty, right dad?

Con amore, Ciao