Tuesday, November 8, 2011

October 28th

We had breakfast at the hotel again and it was delicious, again. Latte, espresso, and a croissant with custard and a little bit of fruit inside. It was so nice of them to provide breakfast, granted we paid for it, but it was still a nice perk. We shopped around Naples and went back to the stores we had eyed the day before when we were just window shopping and we got a few different things. We went to the hotel to drop everything and wanted to head off to Capri, but right after we got out of the hotel door on the street Chris finally saw a sweater that I could buy him for a Christmas present. We bought it and then headed back up to the room to put it away. We debated even going to Capri because we would only have a few hours and the tickets were rather expensive for the only few hours we would have there. We decided on going because odds were that we would regret not going when we had the chance more than we would regret actually spending the money to get there.  Chris finally found his shot glasses that he had been searching for since we arrived in Naples and we left thinking we were lucky to finally find them only to see the next 5 stores selling them. Oh well, they weren’t cheaper at least. 

After finally making it to the harbor, Chris got a true experience of Italian directions. Every time we asked an official where the ticket office was for the ferries they said, "out the door and to the left". This was not true. After searching and searching, the ticket office was a five minute speed walk across the huge parking lot. We bought the tickets and then decided we should get some lunch before heading to the island. Stopped at a little shop back on one of the main roads and got a sandwich with artichokes, ham, tomatoes, cheese and lettuce. It was grilled and delicious, the perfect way to pass the time.

We waited just a little bit at the docks for the ferry to arrive and then got onto the boat. There was an announcement that kept going off that sounded like they could have been Rhonda (my alarm clock)'s sister. She kept asking us to "sit down please" and it was rather annoying. We were sitting down, but there was no reason for her to tell us to sit down, it wasn't like we were going to be able to tip it or anything.

We made it to Capri and it is one of the most gorgeous places that I have ever been to. It was simply breath taking. We started our trip with a little souvenir shopping and window shopping at their port and were both successful with finding things that we wanted to get. I got a gorgeous amethyst necklace that has pearls on it, pretty much perfect for me. We spent about an hour of our time doing that going from end to end of the shops and comparing different things and of course, comparing prices. A favorite moment was when we were looking in a nicknack store, we started eating a few samples that they had around. As we finished, they put up a sign that said "no self service". Whoops.

After our shopping, we started to explore the city. We rode the Funicular all the way to the top of the city and then got off. It wasn't what we thought it was, but it was still fun. There is a chair lift that takes you around the city and that is what we thought we were getting on. The Funicular is more of a train with out seats that you ride to the next area they have of shopping. It was still cool, just a little different than we thought it was going to be.

When we made it to the top we explored around with half paying attention to where we were going and got some gelato at the entrance to a park that we decided to go into. The gelato was amazing. We got a lemon flavor and a "Capri specialty" flavor which was a really smooth and creamy chocolate with hints of peanut butter flavor. One thing that was really cute about the walk were all the cats that were around. It seems like there are so many cats always just wandering around these little communities that it really makes me want to take one home. I have decided that the first cat I get, I am naming it Gelato, seems only fitting, and it’s close to the Italian word for cat “Gatto.” We wandered around for a while trying to find the best view that we could and it was a success. The view we found of the sun setting was amazing. Unfortunately, we weren't able to watch it set, but it was still gorgeous to watch the setting we did have. We walked around more and found what is known as Capri's version of Rodeo Drive. It was crazy looking at all the things in the window that they had on display.

We walked down to the port instead of paying to go down in the Funicular. This way, we were able to save a few euros and also explore more of the island. It was neat to see all of the different gates that people had to their front yards. It was a good mixture of interesting wooden ones and metal ones. The walk down was quicker than anticipated so we stopped at a little cafe to get a snack and use the washroom before we got onto the ferry. We got a mini chocolate chip cannoli, a Capri pastry with caramel liqueur sauce, and a cappuccino. As the cashier said "10 euro", Chris and I realized that we had been dooped for the first time into a tourist's trap. Luckily, they were good, not worth the 10 euro, but at least enjoyable.

We made the short trip over to the port and waited for our boat to arrive. It was a short trip back to Naples and we were both excited for pizza for dinner. We walked around a little bit in search of the perfect place, and finally we found it. Chris ordered a pizza that had tomatoes, fresh smoked cheese, salami, cayenne pepper, and cottage cheese and mine had cheese, tomatoes, eggs, peas, and salami. They were both unbelievably delicious and a great way to end our time in Naples.

We ended the night with playing cards and enjoying our last night there. It was a very long and tiring week so it was good to have just a little chill night because we had to get up super early for our train the next morning.

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