Tuesday, November 8, 2011

October 22nd

Started the morning beyond excited at what was going to happen this afternoon so I was not very productive, but I was able to get a few things done that needed to be done before Chris arrived. I swept and mopped because I had not done that for the week yet and it definitely needed it. After my chores I had breakfast and coffee and made Chris a sign for when I picked him up at the airport, as all good hosts do, just in case if he didn't recognize me when he got out of baggage claim. So I made a cute little sign and then putzed around until 12 when I left to go catch the bus to the airport.

I got to the airport early and saw that his flight was going to be delayed by an hour and so I sat in the bookshop and read until his plane arrived. I accidentally fell asleep which helped the time go a little bit quicker. When I woke up I went to the teleprompter and it said that his plane landed. I went to the area where they come out after they grab their baggage and waited. I held up my sign in excitement and immediately noticed that mine was the most colorful of all the other signs and could not have been more proud of my use of my sharpies. It just showed that the others who where waiting were not as excited as I was.

As the first passengers came out speaking French I started to cry and realized I don't think I have ever been happier to hear the French language, he was flying in from Paris. And finally, it was like time stopped and the angels started singing, he came through the doors and me being me, I screamed in excitement. It was seriously the greatest thing ever and I don't think I will ever forget the feeling I had when I saw him walk through the door and towards me. We went out to the bus to catch it home and realized, after a little waiting, that we were at the wrong stop and walked back to the airport to catch the correct shuttle back to Florence's Centro.

We got back to the Centro and walked back to my apartment and I introduced Chris to the stairs, Miriam and her family, and Courtney and her family. We walked to get our tickets from the ticket booth and I showed Chris around town a little bit; then we set off to the soccer game. We had to ask for directions because I didn't look closely enough at the map before we left, but we made it to the game with little trouble. We found our seats pretty quickly and sat and watched as the game had already started. The game was really fun and they tied at 2-2. We looked at this for a victory for Chris and I because we were able to watch 4 goals instead of a lower number. It would have been nice if Florence had won, but it wasn't too big of a damper on our night. Obviously.

I took Chris to my favorite restaurant here in Florence for dinner called ZaZa's and there has never been a bad dish had by anyone I know, they are all amazing. We got some house red wine to drink and for our appetizer we got a mixed plate of liver pate, pickled mushroom, cucumber bruchetta, and a mixture of olives, onions, and red bell pepper all on pieces of bread. It was really good and I have discovered that I enjoy liver pate! Who would have guessed? I got fettuccine pasta with truffle sauce for my main course and Chris got a bistecca with truffle sauce and potatoes. Our dinner was so delicious and a great way to introduce Chris to Florence's food. On the way home we watched a street performer, the same one that I watched one of my first nights here in Florence, it was a nice feeling to have again. Before heading back up to the apartment for the evening, we got some gelato, which is of course mandatory for the first night in Italy.

It was an amazing day.

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