Tuesday, November 8, 2011

October 23rd

We started the morning with pastries and macchiato, which were delicious. We made our game plan for the day which we knew would be filled to the brim with showing Chris the beautiful city that is Florence. After our breakfast, we had priorities meaning that the apartment was out of toilet paper. We walked to the supermarket and then walked around that area, going by the Santa Croce and over to the River. Florence in the morning time is one of my favorites because everyone is still so excited to have the day begin and the morning sunlight casts beautiful colors onto my city. After our tp run, we walked back to the apartment to set down our stuff and then really headed out on our adventure of the day. We went to the San Carlo to show him the church I usually go to on Sundays and then we headed to one of the more pricey markets near me. We wanted to find as many markets as we could and I wanted to show Chris all of them. We decided not to get anything and proceeded to go on site seeing. On our way to the San Lorenzo market, I showed Chris the outside of the Duomo and read to him what Rick Steves had to say. Interesting fact: The dome actually weighs more than the entire human population of Florence. CRAZY. We went to a small sandwich shop which was literally just a hole in the wall run by two brothers. I got a tuna and parsley sauce sandwich and Chris got a spicy salami and goat cheese.

The San Lorenzo market was a great way to spend the afternoon. Chris was able to get the things he wanted and I was able to try on a lot of leather coats. He haggled on everything he bought and seemed as though he was a born haggler, a real natural. We went from end to end of the market looking at all the different things we could but unfortunately we weren't able to go into the food market because it is closed on Sunday. Oh well, we decided we would go next weekend and Chris would be able to see what it was like. We went by the apartment to drop off our purchases, played a card game, and rested before we headed over to the Oltrarno area of Florence.

We walked across the Ponte Vecchio with our eyes plastered to the windows looking in all the jewelry shops and then walked along the back roads to one of my favorite places in all of Florence, the Piazza Michaelangelo. Watching the sunset from that high point is truly one of the most beautiful things I have ever witnessed and I am so glad I got to show it to Chris.

We went to a new place for dinner that I had never been before but was recommended by a teacher and it was delicious. We started out with liver pate and then I had macaroni with seafood and Chris had linguine with a Bolognese sauce on his. After dinner we walked around for a while and then, with a unanimous decision, we got gelato at my favorite gelataria in Florence. We walked around the Piazza Signoria and then headed back to the apartment where we hung out with my roommates. We headed to bed earlier because we knew we would be in for an exciting week! We were so excited for travel.

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