Thursday, November 17, 2011

November 15th

Well, I started my day with puffies and joghurt as usual and then headed off to my revit class with high hopes. I stopped by the Neptune fountain in my Piazza to get some free mineral water, which has become a very nice tradition that I have. Also, I have become obsessed with mineral water, it is so delicious. I used to hate it before coming here (except for when it was with red wine of course, Mrs. Marshall) but now that I am just so cultured and worldly, I love it!

Revit class was great and it was an amazingly productive day. My teacher showed me how to do some pretty amazing things in the program and it sort of freaked me out because I realized just how much work I have ahead of me for the rest of the semester. I am really going to have to crack down on work which unfortunately cuts down on my wandering time. I will have my weekends for that though, but I am not excited for the work load ahead of me. Especially because I am traveling just about every weekend until I leave.

I came home for lunch and my 10 minute catch up with my Mamma and then headed out to Italian class. I have had a salami, arugula, and goat cheese sandwich just about everyday since the first time I tried it when I have been eating at home. Obviously, when on breaks and travels it is more difficult, but I think that they are just about the most delicious combination in the whole world for a sandwich. I dare any of you to challenge that! And Mamma, you are not allowed to say mayonnaise and peanut butter, barf.

Italian class was annoying as usual and started homework right away. When it was dinner time, I had spaghetti and a mixture of frozen veggies. It is a bag I got from the supermarket that has all the veggies in it that are intended for minestrone soup, but I just boiled them and had a bowl. After dinner I started my wine paper that I had been researching for for the past week. A friend, Val, came over to write hers with me and it was a lot of fun. We both finished our papers in a reasonable amount of time and it was much more enjoyable to work on it with someone else rather than just by myself.

Ellen had a bunch of girls over, including Val, to cook bake brownies and it was a lot of fun meeting them. I spent the rest of the night working on my Revit project and working on Italian homework. Court and I do our homework next to each other every night at the table that is in our room so it is really nice always being able to hang out with her and to have someone to talk to whenever a thought comes to mind, I'm really going to miss that chica.

Con amore, Ciao!

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  1. Almost every paragraph had a mention of some type of food...LOVED IT